Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Love Making Facts

The other day, I saw a quote from someone (I can't remember who or anything) that the science lab is where facts are made. I had never thought about my job like that, but, the more I think about that quotation, I realize how true it is.

I've been a PhD graduate student in microbiology for nearly half a decade now.  I love my job.  I love making facts.  I love being a scientist.

Being a scientist has helped me think rationally about reality and the world - helped me shed my superstitious and supernatural religious beliefs and realize that this life is all we get.  It's helped me think critically about events and claims - helped me understand why vaccines are a great thing and homeopathy is completely worthless.  Being a scientist has helped me realize a lot more about life and the world, more than I can put in a short post.

I love making facts in the lab. I love learning about other facts made in other labs. I love learning about reality and the world around us and why things work the way they work. I love being a scientist.